Youth Council

The Surry County Youth Council was created to enhance the leadership skills of teens in grades 8-12. Communication between youth and adults is strengthened by providing opportunities for teens to offer input to the staff of the Department of Youth and Family Resources, members of the Youth Services Citizen Board and County officials. Members of the Youth Council will have an opportunity to identify needs, discuss their concerns and help plan strategies to resolve problems for youth and the broader community.


Membership on the Youth Council is open to teens in the middle and high schools who are citizens of Surry County. These youth must demonstrate good citizenship at all times, maintain good academic standing, and be willing to donate between 3-6 hours each month for meetings, trainings, and civic engagement activities for a period of one year. Members gain important life shills and volunteer work experience that is useful for college application and future employment opportunities.

Interested youth are encouraged to apply to become a member of the Youth Council by submitting a Surry County Youth Council Application. 

Activities & Accomplishments

Members are involved with civic engagement projects, summer camps, skill building activities and trainings throughout the year to include:

  • Back to School Community Fun Day Volunteers
  • Coalition Against Alcohol, Nicotine, Drugs and Under Age Use Ambassadors
  • College Tours
  • County-wide Clean-Up Projects
  • Community Forums & Wrap Sessions
  • Peer Mentors & Summer Camp Counselors
  • Red Ribbon Week Drug Prevention Campaign
  • "Teens in Jeans" to raise awareness about domestic violence & sexual assault
  • School Supply Drive and Distribution, Youth Alcohol & Drug Abuse Prevention Project
  • Youth Recognition Programs

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