Caring adult volunteers can have an enormous impact on the health and well-being of youth and their families. Individuals are always needed to serve in the capacity of mentors, homework helpers, facilitators, career club speakers, trip chaperones, worksite hosts, afterschool program aides, and special events volunteers.

Adults, age 18 and older, who may be interested in volunteering with the Department of Youth and Family Resources are given an opportunity to make a huge difference in the lives of Surry County youth. Volunteer benefits include: 

  • flexible schedules
  • possible course credits for college students as interns
  • resume building
  • personal/organizational mission fulfillments

Commitments vary based upon the activity or service being performed. Orientations and trainings are held quarterly to equip volunteers with the skills necessary to be a successful volunteer. The goal is to recruit and train volunteers, both individuals and organizations, to partner with the Department to develop the knowledge, skills and abilities of young people in Surry County while exposing them to new opportunities.

To ensure the safety of the enrolled youth, a criminal background check is required for all volunteers engaging in direct contact with youth on a consistent basis. Interested adults may contact the Department of Youth and Family Resources. Youth volunteer opportunities are offered as a part of the Youth Council and Youth Workforce and Career Connections Program.

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